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Rehan Khan, Executive Chef / GM

I, Rehan Khan, am originally from Pakistan, I migrated to the United States of America as a teenager in 1998. I finished my college education and began working in Pharmaceutical Management. However, since a child I have always had a passion for cooking. I remember my mother, aunts, and grandmother making the house full of aromatic cooking and having everyone together sitting as one big family. In America, I missed my family often and I would cook authentic cultural meals from back home as a way to remember my family.


In 2009 I discovered a building on Main Street Catonsville known as TIffany’s Pizza. My close friend and mentor Dr. Mohammed Pathan and I thought it would be a great idea to remodel this old building into a Mediterranean Global Fusion restaurant. I purchased the building with a dream in mind. This journey has not always been easy. The building was falling apart more than I anticipated. However, by the grace of God and the support of friends, we finished the project and Umami was launched in 2011. People most often associate the word “umami” with the Japanese word for seafood and sushi but I decided to associate the word with its meaning of “savory” and incorporated global fusion along with it.


Cooking has always been an enjoyable lifelong passion. It brings friends and family together under one roof. It blends cultures and speaks to people of all nationalities. It serves as a comfort, as a pleasure, as a source of life. Eating wholesome nutritional food is also another passion of mine. My former mentor Mr. America Tracy Dorsey taught me the importance of proper training and healthy eating. I have incorporated these values with the importance of a balanced lifestyle and I use the same philosophy at my restaurant. Work hard, eat healthy, and stay balanced. In my cooking I focus on simple and flavorful food, using what local produce is in season. Every year I travel to Pakistan and I bring home inspiration for new dishes. My favorites are chicken biryani, my uncle’s karahi chicken, tandoori chicken, and many more.


All in all, I am blessed to enjoy and love and live my passion.


What our customers say

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It is a casual place (order at the counter and sit), but the food is not what you would expect to come out of a small kitchen. (The addition of plates and flatware for dine-in is a nice touch, as well.) I worked in a high end Mediterranean restaurant in downtown Baltimore for years, but I think the food is better here!! Try the babaganoush (amazing, best I have ever had!), falafel, kebabs, it is all spectacular. This is a fabulous Catonsville Gem, and in my opinion the best food around!!

August 9, 2017